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Why Do We See So Many Acrylic Displays In Cosmetic Stores?

Apr 28, 2018


Every time I go to the cosmetics store, the tray which shows cosmetics is a clear acrylic display stand. Why is the cosmetics acrylic display stand so popular?


1. The acrylic display stand has a significant display function. Acrylic material has high light transmittance, acrylic display frame which is made of acrylic is very attractive. Display is the most basic function of the acrylic display stand  such as Olay, Shiseido has chain stores in all major brands, using the unified design style acrylic display help product publicity show more professionally and standardized.


2. Acrylic display stand helps enhance brand awareness. We can print LOGO or advertising design on the acrylic display stand ,that helps brand promotion, raise awareness. Acrylic cosmetics display stand can not only show the product, butalso can produce advertising effectiveness.


3. Acrylic display rack will help increase sales. Good acrylic display shelf can improve the level of cosmetics, a new design of acrylic cosmetics display shelf can improve the exposure of cosmetics to drive the sale of cosmetics.