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Why Do We Have To Charge A Sample Fee For Custom Paper Display Racks?

Oct 10, 2020

Why do we have to charge a sample fee for custom paper display racks?

No matter in the process of customizing paper display racks in other peer factories, there will be an indispensable link that is proofing. The proofing process can visually display the manufacturer's professionalism and product details, and directly affect the communication and contact between buyers and sellers. However, customers who have made paper display racks will know that there is a charge for proofing, and the price of proofing fee will be twice or several times higher than the price of bulk products. Although our Leader first collects the sample fee and waits for the customer to place the order and then refunds the sample fee, but at this time, there are still many customers with 10,000 people wondering: how much material you only need for a small sample, and such a big factory still has to charge it. Sample fee. I have started to charge before placing an order. Can I cooperate well?

    However, my dear, do you know how much a worker is paid per day? In order to make samples, it is usually not very simple and it takes two days, and the proofing is not done by one person. Generally at least two people are doing it. Someone is needed to help with structural analysis and screen cutting. Someone needs to do printing documents, and someone needs to go to the sample room. For proofing, someone needs to pack it... A worker who just puts down his hands and works for proofing will cost 100 a day, and two people will get 400 for two days. The samples may not be very valuable, but the materials are valuable, printing and inkjet printing are valuable, and the efforts of the masters who make the samples are more valuable. You can't just look at the tangible, but also the intangible. It's like ironing a drill on your clothes. You might cost 50 cents for one iron, or 50 cents for two or even ten, because you have to go through a process. The drills are not valuable. What is worth is the cost of that process.

    If our factory produces according to the routine, instead of re-customizing according to your requirements, we are likely to provide free samples, and you only need to send the freight. But if you have customized requirements, the cost of factory proofing can be much higher than the single cost of batches. Like our paper display racks, the unit price of a product may be dozens of yuan, but it is possible to customize a product for hundreds of dollars. Because we need to re-make the cutting line according to the drawings, and then confirm the renderings with the customer, modify the renderings, make the screen files, make the installation instructions, and then print, cut the prototype, assemble, and pack. The time spent before and after will be about Three days, or longer, do you think our factory can still calculate the sample fee at the price of bulk goods?

    Here is what some purchasing and in-plant salespersons said:

——This must be working for a very strong company. Like our helper who works part-time, we can't open 30 orders a year, and the purchase amount is less than 2 million US dollars. I am also ashamed to ask others to provide free samples. However, if they are in stock and the value is not high, I will try to fight for it appropriately.

Anyway, the manufacturer knows that you are a real purchaser and will not kick you away.

——I work in a factory. A master’s salary is five to six thousand yuan. I can be a model master for a few days. If the customer does not place an order, the factory can’t afford it.

——I have never worked in a factory. Of course I don’t know the suffering of other factories. Do you think that only a few yuan for materials is enough? Who pays the salary of the buyer, the proofer, and does anyone else go to the market to buy materials and run away? Especially when the market is farther away, the car fuel will burn dozens of yuan.

——Many purchases were very poor, and the factory kindly provided free samples, but the results soon disappeared and the contact was impossible. Procurement of high-quality goods is to be a person's purchase. If you have not received an order, then tell the factory, the factory will not mind. You all understand that there may not be an order for a sample. If you receive an order, but feel that the factory If the price is too high, you can cut it with the factory. In the end, you still feel that the price is too high. If you do it with others, the factory will feel nothing. What the factory hates most is that it sounds nice when it asks for a model. The model has to be purchased like a white-eyed wolf.

      In fact, how much sample fee we charge is not the key. The key is to understand each other and show sincerity. If we have the opportunity to place an order together, we will still refund the board fee. It's not easy to be a factory, not because of this little sample fee. Less income is also a reduction. At least a basis for cooperation has been established. If a large number of customers just ask for a sample and then disappear, how much work does the workers in the factory have to waste, and how does the factory operate? Of course, there are exceptions to conventional products, which are generally available in factories. This is only time-consuming and does not consume too much labor. Customized products are not the same. They need to be carefully completed by the workshop master. There is a big difference between making one piece and making a hundred pieces. Therefore, I still hope that our customers and suppliers will understand each other and cooperate for a win-win situation.