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What Is Paper Shelf (paper Display Stand)?

Mar 30, 2019

What is paper shelf (paper display stand)?

Paper shelves (paper display stands) as a marketing tool are developed with the development of POP advertising. It has the advantages of green environmental protection, convenient transportation and rapid assembly. It is placed in the sales place and can play the role of displaying goods, conveying information and promoting sales.

 The use of paper shelves (paper display stands) was prevalent in Europe and the United States. The beautifully printed paper shelves (paper display stands) have become very popular abroad, and are widely used in food, daily chemicals, home appliances, electronics, clothing and other industries. Many packaging companies in Europe and America also believe that by making paper shelves (paper display stands), the company's technical level and the company's sales ability can be improved. In Europe and the United States, paper shelves (paper display stands) are a very high value-added product, with a large number of users and manufacturers. However, although the use of paper shelves (paper display stands) in Europe and the United States is already very common, it is still in its infancy in China. The earliest paper-based shelves (paper display stands) in mainland China were around 2000. At that time, only three paper products factories in Guangdong, which had more developed packaging, designed and produced paper shelves (paper display stands). In recent years, it has developed rapidly, mainly in Beijing/Shanghai/Guangdong; the scope of application is also wider and wider.

Now some brand customers have used the paper shelf (paper display stand) as a regular promotional item in the system. Whether it is a new product launch or a holiday promotion, it has achieved good results. It enhances the brand image in the store and creates a festive atmosphere. It is helpful to increase sales.

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