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What Are The 5 Points To Pay Attention To When Buying A Cardboard Display Stand

Oct 10, 2020

What are the 5 points to pay attention to when buying a cardboard display stand

A. Market

Cardboard display stands are used as a silent promotional tool in the terminal, so it is very important to choose a suitable paper display stand to display its products. For different consumer groups and product categories, you can choose the size of iron, wood or brackets according to the storage space. If the lamp is used to display products, you can choose iron, sturdy and durable; products that want to display products and hope to achieve promotion to attract consumers, of course, are corrugated display stands, which are also used in daily use, food, toys , The reasons why clothing is widely favored by the industry

B. Style

After positioning in the terminal market, which style is more suitable: If there are floor paper display stands, vertical paper display stands, head-up display stands, table display boxes, they have their own characteristics. If you can't get your own ideas, the manufacturer can give you suggestions. They will design the appropriate paper shelf height according to the product shape, display space, and the size of the consumer group.

C. Loading capacity

The paper frame is different from metal or wood. The paper frame is made entirely of paper, and its load-bearing capacity depends on the structural characteristics. The selected material is better than inferior material. The paper rack can be reconfigured according to the required load-bearing products to achieve the required load-bearing capacity.

D. Price

Paper display racks, the price of paper display racks, different technologies, structures, sizes, quantities, and prices are also very different. High-quality and inexpensive products are generally not easy to buy. Paper racks that are bought cheaply must be problematic. If It is basically impossible to make paper racks at a low price in the industry. Due to the characteristics of paper bookshelves, many advertising companies, carton factories, printing houses, and trading companies can help you achieve production, but the quality does not have a professional manufacturer, and it is not tough enough. The overall appearance is not coordinated. The surface has glue and other phenomenon. Many people think that the price is cheap, and they didn't try to lose. It's surprising that they bought back things at low prices.

E. Factory

To find the official certificate of the formal custom paper shelf factory, according to its product market positioning, propose a demand plan to the paper shelf and paper display shelf manufacturers, and let the factory listen to the opinions of professional manufacturers. The plan can rationalize the structure and the picture needs to be changed. , Will not cause technical difficulties in technical operations. The scale and quality of the paper rack factory are important factors for reference. A good paper rack reputation, customer pre-orders, mid-term guarantee production and after-sales service, a company that survives paper racks, will definitely Provide you with POP products and services