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The Rise Of Paper Furniture

Jun 08, 2018

Now, paper furniture people often mentioned actually is not made from cabinet of shaving board file cabinet furniture, but the hard corrugated paper and honeycomb cardboard through the design of the structural engineering, with a range of bearing the weight of paper furniture.


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Price of cardboard is much cheaper than real wood, and it's lighter, easier to carry, move and load and unload, and more environmentally friendly although it may not be as heavy, waterproof, clean and durable as solid wood furniture, but paper furniture has come up early.


The biggest advantage of paper furniture is that it is easy to carry and disassemble. Not only is it easy to recycle, but it also makes DIY furniture fun for consumers. In recent years, more and more people like paper furniture and some paper products. We all advocate environmental protection now, and this product just echoes this theme, so it will be favored by people. Moreover, its modelling is also novel and distinctive than real wood furniture.


I believe that, paper furniture and paper products, such as paper shelves, paper display shelves, and cardboard display stand will be very popular in the near future.