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The Important Role Of The Display Stand

May 29, 2018

In order to promote the market, it is essential to prepare the following logistics, including the product display rack. The first step is the first image of the store's goods and front end, which is the primary target for customers to contact with the products.


1.Most important product display stand, product display very simple products display stand to facilitate transport and removal, to the national market is unified Display stand will help promotion supermarket.

2. the display should reflect sample put area: a new product, want to choose some distinctive products, new products fair, and see the distinctive features of a new product and performance will let the customer have an intuitive are very impressive.

3.Tent and parasol: printed on large advertising screen, excellent product performance theme, creating atmosphere.

4.Image table, table, chair, portable, standard image table and chair, if dry.

5.TV, computer, VCD: attractive voice; Circulating products introduce movies and television.

6. Publicity materials: honorary certificates, inspection reports, classic customer use, etc.

7.Small gifts: if it is the promotion and the information of small gifts products, such as paper models, the cost is low and the customers feel funny.