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POP Displays

Jun 19, 2018


Like other advertisements, the paper shelf/paper display rack itself is free 3d advertising to make the product more familiar.


Paper shelf/paper display rack is an important content in enterprise vision recognition.

Retail enterprises can store logo, standard word, standard color, corporate image design, advertising signs, slogans, etc to make all kinds of paper shelves/paper reveal frame, to shape a distinctive corporate image.


The direct printing method of offset printing makes the paper shelf/paper display shelf packaging printing more exquisite, extremely display, advertising, greatly improving the level of corrugated packaging.


As a result, more and more industry began to use corrugated packing as a sales, in addition to the traditional food, toys, household appliances and other industries, such as, medicine and health products, such as many need gift packaging industry also began to use of corrugated packaging, which greatly enriched the enterprise the management category.