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How To Use Cardboard Display To Attract Consumers?

Jun 27, 2018

1. Price should be clearly marked.

The promotional information such as "brand", "packaging", "original price", "new price" and "special price" must be clearly marked, and the store shelves should be in line with the promotional prices on the stack.


2. The name, promotion gift or brand name, product name, original price and promotion price must be clearly stated in the activity card.


3. Take at least one gift with packaging, open the package, hang the gift on the top of the stack, and make it clear to consumers.


5. Bottle box separation and display.


After the product is stacked, remove some of the packaging and display it as a bottle.

Bottle display on the top of the pile can improve the visual impact and increase consumers' desire to buy.


6.Do not stack the old packaging on display.