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How To Get A Customized Cardboard Display Stand

Jul 25, 2019

Kushan DECO POP Display Co.,ltd.

Our company has supplied customized cardboard display stand for more than 16years. 

Customization of corrugated cardboard display shelves first takes into account the actual requirements of customers, first of all, to understand the product types of customers (such as electronic products, cosmetics, household goods, hardware, education books, automotive accessories). Then understand the weight of the product, packaging specifications and dimensions of the product, and the number of products that need to be displayed. These are designed according to the size requirements of customers, so as to avoid the products falling out around the shelf. At the same time, we should also consider the product load-bearing capacity. If the load-bearing capacity is not good, the paper exhibition shelves in supermarkets will bend and even collapse easily when loading or unloading. Such security risks can not be allowed to exist naturally. The perfect display of goods is to achieve better display or display effect with the help of corrugated paper display shelves. Especially in some important exhibition occasions, such as exhibitions, new product launches and other environments, the requirements for the display of goods are very important. Combining with the characteristics and functions of the product, a stable and proportionally coordinated style display frame is designed. There are strata, hook, stack, wall and so on, which can be customized according to customers'preferences. Maximize the display space to save the number of replenishments. The name of the printing company on the screen,Logo, two-dimensional code as brand promotion, saving advertising costs.

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