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How To Buy Hook Paper Display Rack

Apr 18, 2020

How to buy hook paper display rack

There are many types of display racks, and companies must consider the characteristics of various types of promotional display racks when customizing display racks for products. The hollow panel display rack manufacturer will teach you how to choose a suitable hook display rack. As shown in the figure below, the hollow board paper hook display stand is made of yellow 5mm hollow board, which is made of the beautiful color of the board itself, and is made by the silk screen image on the surface. Hook paper display stand customization

The hook-type hollow panel display stand allows the product to stand up, and it looks more three-dimensional so that customers can understand the product information on the hollow panel display stand from various aspects at a glance. Hook.

The hook can be divided into plastic and metal. If the product is very light, you can choose plastic. The plastic hook has a weak point. The weak end is basically unable to carry the product, but the cost is low. Plastic hooks are suitable for the display and promotion of various light products such as food retail. There are many types of metal hook feet, not all metal hooks are suitable for use in hollow panel display racks. The hook legs are suitable for use when the force area of the hollow panel is large. Breaking affects the appearance.