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Why does the wooden floor display stand rust?

Nov 01, 2019

Why does the wooden floor display rack rust? Many customers use the wooden floor display rack to use it for one or two years, and it will show rust and peeling. Why is the normal use of this phenomenon? The customers are very depressed. Here is the reason for the customers who are disturbed by this.


1. Quality problems of the display rack steel


Ordinary steel costs account for a large part of the sales price of the display racks. Therefore, some wooden floor display manufacturers have reduced the total cost of the display racks by reducing the amount of steel used in the racks on the one hand. The inferior small rolling mill rolled out thin sheets to consume the display rack. However, small rolling mills lack equipment, and it is necessary to form a roll of data to stop heating repeatedly. In the repeated heating process of steel, the temperature is difficult to be well controlled, and the mechanical properties of different parts of the data will be different, and Fe- C crystal collars will produce diversity and instability, and the data will be poor in appearance and corrosion resistance.


2. Spraying process of display rack


The wood floor display rack spraying process often requires the following steps: derusting, degreasing, phosphating, water washing, drying, electrostatic powder spraying, hot melting, curing, and the like. These steps have strict requirements on the upper control time of each process, the concentration of phosphating solution, the temperature of water, the temperature of the drying room, etc. The demand is very good control. If the equipment is not advanced enough, it is an objective problem, then objectively The purpose of destroying the normal process is to reduce the cost of the display frame by reducing the number of processes and shortening the disposal time. However, this does not guarantee the quality of the product. Taking phosphating as an example, this process can be reduced, powder coating can still be completed, and it is difficult to see the problem in a short period of time.