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Which display racks can be divided into styles

Apr 21, 2018

Which display racks can be divided into styles

Floor display, magnetic levitation display, desktop display, hanging display, special display, theme display, rotating display

2, according to the material can be divided into:

Paper Display, Metal Display, Plexiglass Display, Plastic Display, Chevron Board Display, Composite Display, Titanium Alloy Display

3, display stand can be divided into:

Exhibition display racks, clothing display racks, food display racks, lubricant display racks, toy display racks, digital product display racks, daily necessities display racks, data display racks, jewelry display racks, propaganda display racks, cosmetics display racks, etc.

Electronics (IT) categories: Acrylic cell phone holder, Acrylic USB flash drive, MP3/MP4 display, Perspex VCD display, Digital camera display, Laptop display, Camera display, ACRYLIC remote control pendant. Battery boxes, image display cabinets, specialty cabinets, etc.

Decoration categories: organic glass decorations, property signs, billboards, image cards, tissue boxes and so on.

Tobacco wine categories: Cigarette racks, plastic cigarette packs, wine racks, wine boxes, acrylic drinks cards, triangular card, tobacco and tobacco sales counters, etc.

Supplies display categories: data racks, pen holders, shoe racks, eyeglasses frames, watch racks, business card holders, stationery holders, acrylic desks, etc.

Women's products categories: makeup skin care products display racks, jewelry boxes, jewelry props, jewelry display racks, imagery monopoly showcase.

Fine categories: phase seats, fish tanks, like frames, kits, paperweights, boutique display boxes, distribution cards.

Crystal crafts categories: crystal trophies, crystal models, crystal Neidiao, crystal ornaments.

Crystal rubber products: Crystal plastic crafts, authentic products built.

Organic rotating display stand: It is also a kind of exhibition stand for display of watches, jewelry, fine products, mobile phones, MP3s, communication facilities. There is a lamp in the center of the display rack. Lamps can be installed on the upper and lower sides to display products in all directions. Characteristics. The style is beautiful, noble and elegant, and has a good decorative effect. Organic rotating display stands make the product play an extraordinary charm.

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