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What should I pay attention to when maintaining the showcase?

Nov 10, 2018

Maintenance error:

In order to improve the service life of the showcase and make it easier for the showcase to display the effect of the product, we need to carry out maintenance and repair of the showcase. The following is a detailed explanation of the misunderstanding and precautions of the showcase.

Surface cleaning

Cleaning products such as soapy water and detergent can not only effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the display cabinet, nor can it remove the sand particles before the lighting, and because it is corrosive, it will damage the surface of the jewelry counter and let the display The lacquer finish of the cabinet became dull.

        At the same time, if moisture penetrates into the wood, it will also cause mold or local deformation of the wood, reducing the service life. Many display cabinets are made of fiberboard machine. If there is moisture infiltration for the first two years, because of additives such as formaldehyde.

Not completely evaporated, not mildew. However, once the additive has evaporated, the moisture of the wet cloth will cause mold in the display cabinet. If the floor is low, the display cabinet at home may have a "mold" every year.

I would also like to remind you that even if some of the piano lacquer coating on the surface of the display cabinet can be properly scrubbed with water, do not leave the wet rag on the surface of the display cabinet for a long time to prevent moisture from penetrating into the wood.

Leather care

Many manuals for the display of wax sprays can be used to maintain leather sofas, causing many housewives to make mistakes. The salespersons in the display cabinet store know that the display cabinet care spray wax can only be used to spray wood exhibition.

The surface of the cabinet cannot be sprayed on the sofa. This is because the leather sofa is actually the skin of the animal. Once the wax is sprayed on it, the pores of the leather product will be blocked. Over time, the leather will age and shorten its use.

life. In addition, some people in order to make the display cabinet look more shiny, some wax products are directly applied to the display cabinet, or improper use, but will make the display cabinet surface foggy spots.

Wiping tool

It is best to wipe with a water-absorbent fabric such as a towel, cotton cloth, cotton fabric or flannel. Old clothes with coarse cloth, wired head or stitches, buttons and other scratches that cause the appearance of cosmetic showcases should be avoided.

Dust treatment

Dust is made up of fiber, sand and bauxite. Many people use a dry rag to clean the surface of the display case. In fact, these fine particles have damaged the paint surface of the display cabinet in the rubbing of the back and forth. Although these scratches are minimal, even the naked eye can not be seen, but over time, it will lead to the surface of the display cabinet is faint and rough, and the light is no longer.

Placement position

When the display cabinet was found to be partially dry, it was necessary to put the display cabinet in the sun, which was a wrong behavior, because most of the display cabinets were made of veneered wooden showcases, and after the display cabinets were exposed to cold water and heat. After the thermal expansion and contraction, it will cause the display cabinet to be out of shape, and even the skin will fall off. Greatly reduce the life and appearance of the display cabinet.