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What problems should be paid attention to when customizing the display stand?

Oct 20, 2018

What problems should be paid attention to when customizing the display stand?

As the economy develops gradually, various display stands can be seen in the mall, making the display stand a necessary facility for the store. It exists not only to better display, display, highlight products in front of consumers, but also Can reasonably guide consumer behavior, enhance and render the brand atmosphere, and ultimately promote sales transactions. So what do you need to pay attention to when customizing the display stand? Let me introduce it to you.

1. Customized display stands are also designed to make your products display a unique side. When customizing the display stand, you must first understand what kind of showcase is suitable for the goods you want to sell. Cosmetics, jewelry stores, clothing and digital home appliances display racks are different, you must know which type of display frame you need when you customize. Customized display stands for large shopping malls also have to be classified, and they must not be uniformed.

2, custom display stand to choose a qualified enterprise custom display stand must choose the brand display stand, because the quality of the brand's products are quality and price are reasonable. Qualified companies have design teams, the design of the display frame is novel, beautiful, and the materials used are also good, so the company's products are trustworthy.

3, on the display stand accessories also need to pay attention to the custom display stand also need to pay attention to some of the accessories on the display stand, pay special attention to the lighting on the display stand, to see if the design of the lighting is reasonable. The use of advanced fireproof panels to create display stands is a safety consideration, which is important for shopping malls that sell jewellery and high-end clothing.

4, custom display stand should pay attention to the material of the display stand from a long-term perspective must be selected to be durable and environmentally friendly materials to create environmentally friendly display stand, with high-grade fire board, acrylic and other materials made of display stand has a very good characteristics. The material display frame is sturdy and can be used for many years. The poorly displayed display frame needs to be updated frequently due to its short service life. Considering the factors of raw material and manual price increase year by year, the customized material display frame is economical and economical.

5, the price of custom-made display racks custom display racks need to consider the cost of the display rack, from the material, style, quality, transportation, delivery time, a comprehensive measurement, after some comparison and then customized. After careful investigation and understanding, you can make an order and buy it.

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