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What material does the jewelry display stand choose?

Jun 05, 2018

Because of the value and grade of the jewelry itself, the jewelry display frame is also a kind of product display frame with high requirements for material selection. Compared with ordinary product display frame, jewelry display frame is not only simple product placement and display, but also emphasizes the value of display frame to the product itself.

The commonly used production materials of this kind of display frame are as follows:

The first is acrylic sheet. Acrylic display stand is a kind of good display prop that has been widely used in recent years with the rise of exhibition and exhibition industry. Its itself is a kind of synthetic material, with excellent transparency and machinability, is currently in use is the most common material reveal frame, has been widely used in cosmetics, jewelry, tobacco, product display in the field of digital products, etc. The display frame that USES yakeli plank to make can foil very well the clever glittering and translucent, costly quality of jewelry, have good visual effect.

The second is wood and leather. Wood and leather are commonly used in the production of special jewelry display frames, especially in the display of some special meaning or valuable jewelry.

The third is steel. Steel is more traditional jewelry display frame made of materials. Mirror stainless steel, wire drawing stainless steel and so on, are relatively common materials used. But because of too traditional and production technology, now many businesses have begun to gradually give up completely steel display rack, and only be used for jewelry of acrylic display frame structure. Jewelry display shelf as bearer of jewelry, if can design very well, can be successfully establishing a good brand image of jewelry enterprise, also can successfully enhance everyday life people care about jewelry brand and memory degrees. At the same time, it can be obtained that a very exquisite jewelry display cabinet can still increase the sales volume of this product.

So a good jewelry cases and the design of the ingenious design not only have to do, also need to choose the appropriate high-quality raw materials exhibiting ark can be the perfect embodiment of design essence brought out.