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What is the role of the corrugated cardboard display stand?

Jul 12, 2019

What is the role of the corrugated cardboard display stand?

The corrugated cardboard display stand is mainly used in the sales display of fast-moving consumer goods. The product is characterized by a short cycle, and the product display time for some special holidays is only a few days, and the longer cycle is also about 40 to 60 days [3]. Compared with iron and plastic display stands, corrugated cardboard display stands are more flexible in structure design, short in production cycle, and most importantly, they have the lowest cost, which is very suitable for product promotion activities in supermarkets, shopping malls, specialty stores and other places. . Based on the structural characteristics of corrugated cardboard display racks, this paper systematically classifies and classifies them accordingly. At the same time, according to the weight of the displayed products, the requirements of the bursting strength and the edge compressive strength of the display rack materials are proposed.

1 corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard, alias corrugated cardboard, because it has at least one layer of wavy core paper sandwich, it has better cushioning performance and can withstand collision and drop force during logistics transportation. Corrugated paperboard is divided into: A tile, C tile, B tile, E tile, F tile, BC tile, BE tile, etc. according to the height of the corrugated board and the number of corrugations in the range of 300 mm length, as shown in Table 1. The common types of corrugated cardboard display stands are B, E and BE.

The height of B-paperboard is 2.5~3mm, and the number of turns in the range of 300mm is 46-54. The shape of the brace is hard and not easy to break, and the assembly process of the display frame needs to be folded many times, so B-watt is more suitable for comparison. The large display stand can withstand goods weighing less than 15kg. The height of E-paperboard is 1.1-2.0mm, and the number of turns in the range of 300mm is 87-99. It has the characteristics of light weight, good cushioning performance and good flat compressive strength. It can be directly printed and often used for comparison. Beautiful small display stand. BE tileboard combines the structural features of B-Watt and E-Watt, can withstand more than 15kg of weight, or assemble hooks and other accessories to display a variety of goods, beyond the limitations of cardboard display.

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