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What are the display racks according to industry?

Apr 21, 2018

What are the display racks according to industry?

Exhibition Showcase

The production and design requirements of such display cabinets are the most precise, not only for producers who want to ensure that the best materials are used, but also that the design requirements are even higher. Of course, this is inseparable from the nature of the exhibition because the exhibition The most obvious feature is that a large number of display merchants and a large number of user groups are gathered. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to focus on users among thousands of merchants. Some efforts must be made in the design, including the matching of lighting, vi, and hue. Etc.; while exhibitors consider that the nature of the exhibition will have a certain material and safety requirements for the display cabinets that enter the business, and are even more demanding than the production requirements for the display cabinets entering the shopping malls; the exhibition exhibits are mainly used for the Canton Fair, Shanghai Fair, and exhibitions. The exhibition of trade fairs in various regions, such as museums, is made in full booths.

Store display cabinet

Store display cabinets, storefront display cabinets, etc.; this type of display cabinets requires a major departure from the product and requires that the design of the display cabinet must conform to the vi image of the product and the brand, as well as the user experience based on the matching of color tones, led lights, etc. Space and display three aspects to design; and this classification under the display cabinet material is not as diverse as the display cabinet, mainly paint display cabinets, stainless steel display racks, glass showcases, etc., the main process including carpentry, paint, etc.;

Home display cabinet

The design of this type of display cabinet focuses on the treatment of space, mainly from the interior decoration design to the display cabinet design, and will be higher in the security requirements, the display cabinet production material is more diverse, the home display cabinet in the design of the cost will be more than stores Display cabinets, etc. should be higher, which of course is also related to the user's requirements.

Mobile display cabinet

The mobile phone display stand is widely used in electronic products, electrical appliances, craft gifts, crystal products, plastic products, factory product showrooms, foreign trade company sample halls, and other product displays. It can also be used in corporate trade fairs, and can be designed in multiple styles to make products more displayable. Highlights. Mobile phone display stand attracts the attention of the majority of customers

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