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What are the classifications of corrugated cardboard display stands?

Jul 12, 2019

What are the classifications of corrugated cardboard display stands?

The main purpose of the corrugated board display stand is to promote the products. In order to better display the products, the designer will consider the product characteristics, packaging methods, transportation environment, display space and other factors when designing the display frame structure. Therefore, it is more scientific and theoretical to classify corrugated cardboard display stands according to their structural characteristics. In this paper, the corrugated cardboard display stands are divided into: floor-standing display stand, desktop display stand, pallet display stand and hook-type display stand, which are represented by “LD-”, “TS-”, “ZB-” and “GG-” respectively. . Then according to the number of display shelves, "01" refers to single-sided display, "02" refers to double-sided display, "03" refers to three-sided display, and "04" refers to four-sided display. For example, “LD-01” means a one-sided display of a floor-standing display stand.

2.1 Floor-standing display stand

The structure of the floor-standing display stand can be placed independently and does not require other supports. It is especially suitable for product promotion activities, flexible and convenient to assemble, and it can be used for excellent publicity with beautiful printed patterns.

2.2 desktop display stand

The structural characteristics of the desktop display stand require that the bottom needs support, and it is suitable for small-sized small items to be placed on the shelves and checkout tables. The most commonly used desktop display stands are single-sided displays, which are divided into steps, partitions, hooks, and card slots according to their internal structure.

2.3 pallet display stand

The structural feature of the pallet display stand is that the display stand is placed on the pallet, and the height of the display stand generally does not exceed 1320 mm. It can be directly stacked in the store to display sales, saving labor and time for logistics and transportation, and merchandise placement. For example, the merchandise display of Sam's member stores mostly adopts this form.

2.4 hook display stand

The hook-type display stand is characterized by a hook with a regular discharge on the display surface, which is fixed inside the corrugated cardboard, and the product is hung on the hook to display. A large number of displays for hanging card products. Often used in supermarket shelves and promotional stores. Due to the limited one-way load-bearing capacity of the hook material and cardboard, a lightweight small product is generally placed. The arrangement of the hanging cards can be flexibly adjusted according to the size and weight of the product.

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