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The working process of cardboard display

Jul 09, 2018

When you want to purchase cardboard displays , you’d better to know the manufacturing process of paper display. Here we introduce it in details below:


1. Design: the design of paper shelf requires designers to be familiar with the work of 3D structure and to calculate the bearing capacity and space area of paper shelf by considering the weight and volume of goods.


2. Sample production: the paper shelf is generally made of corrugated materials without printing.

According to the design structure of data into a computer/cut prototype sample cutting force of the indentation opportunities according to the requirements of structure and half knife depth, in the absence of printing corrugated paper to make the standard graphic paper shelves.

Designers use glue to paste and other technology processing, once model is corresponding with design structure, it can make the next step.


3. Printing: according to the plane design draft of the paper shelf template, the film is printed on the printing machine.


4. After process: mounting paper (corrugated printing paper), Varnish, indentation.


5. Packaging: semi-finished paper shelves (paper shelves) are assembled and reinforced.

Reload the finished product.