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Super Accessories: The choice and use of convenience store umbrella stand.

Feb 10, 2019

The convenience of a convenience store lies in the details of the service, such as free heating of food, mobile phone charging, courier service, etc. You may be more impressed that the chain convenience store will have an umbrella stand and a newspaper and magazine rack. Today, let's talk about the umbrella stand of the convenience store. When the spring and summer alternate, the convenience store begins to adjust the spring and summer shelves of the goods, and the umbrella stand newspaper stand will definitely be wiped out, placed in a more conspicuous position, summer rain More, providing free umbrella use, this is a necessary service for convenience store warmth service to improve customer experience and stickiness. Of course, when the rainy season arrives, the convenience store must also sell umbrellas. If there is no umbrella stand, the profit margin of the umbrella is still very high.

So, how should we choose a convenience store umbrella stand?

1. The display function of the umbrella stand

Buying an umbrella or renting an umbrella, customers have different needs for umbrellas. Some prefer short handles and long handles. This requires that the umbrella stand can be used for hanging display and laminate display. According to the survey, the convenience store free umbrella rental. Most of the umbrellas are in the form of long handles, hanging display, why are long-handled umbrellas, because the long-handled umbrellas are more powerful than the short-handled umbrellas, and in the wet state, the rain on the long umbrellas can be parachuted. The tip flows directly to the ground, and the folding umbrella does not. Thus, for example, in a public transportation such as a bus subway, a long umbrella is less likely to bring rain to the person next to it than a folding umbrella.

2, the structure, function and material of the umbrella stand

The material of the umbrella stand can be divided into stainless steel, iron, titanium alloy, baking varnish, etc. According to the needs, the structure should pay attention to the flexibility of movement and the convenience and safety of use. Flexibility can take into account the pulley device for easy position movement; convenience needs to consider the storage tray suspended after the umbrella is used; safety can be added to the lock, especially in public places.

3, easy to install and use

The umbrella stand is designed in a combination to facilitate transportation and installation.