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How to choose a heap to play the substrate?

Mar 22, 2018

It is very important to choose the substrate and the choice of substrate. It determines whether the stack is beautiful and neat. Each pile in the market is not independent. It must be coordinated with the surrounding merchandise display, including the color and shape. . There are generally the following types of primers used in the stack:

I. Specially ordered and stacked cabinets, used to display goods at the top, and used to store inventory at the bottom of the cabinet. For malls with limited storeroom space, the use of stacked cabinets is better, and at the same time, replenishment can be very convenient. This will save labor.

1, use the bottoming of the goods, but the type of goods under the base can not be too much, up to one side of a variety, in the case of adequate supplies, you can use this method, but pay attention to the underlying goods and the goods on display Correspondingly, the advantage of using a product to make a base is that the same face is a color, and even if the product is displayed naked out of the box, the performance of the product is extremely strong. For a particularly popular product, this display can guarantee the sales; The good part is that there are too many goods inside the pile, which is not conducive to the turnover of goods. When you hit a pile, you need to register the goods in the pile header, and mainly register the bar code, product name, quantity, and time from the expiration date of the best selling shelf life.

Third, suppliers do image piles, provide a series of props required for display, at this time, the main responsibility of the store lies in the control of the props, must be new display props.

Fourth, the advertisement paper on which the product is put on the substrate, or the poster itself made by the shopping mall, because it is not guaranteed that the piled head and the merchandise on the pile head are the same, at this time, empty boxes or other commodities may be used to make the bottom. Then put a sticker on the substrate to display the advertisement paper of the product, but this operation must pay attention to, must paste the entire base material, can not expose the use of the substrate, and the sticker must be posted flat, posted together.

When using two, three or four kinds of pile heads, it can only be used at the periphery of the pile head, and the pile head can be filled with empty goods.