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How can display cabinets be arranged to attract customers?

May 14, 2018

How can display cabinets be arranged to attract customers?

We know that a whole store can bring order to the customer's shopping experience, complete this whole based on the material, color, size shape characteristics under the effect of unilateral, also based on the cases and the fit between commodity and harmony degree, had better consider the collocation of shelves and store the whole space. This can be seen in many industry exhibition shelves, such as big shunfa reveals ark to make mobile phone display cases most use on the integration of the part at the bottom of the glass fiber board, the entire ring by the pillar of light around the middle column and exhibiting ark, glass led lamp mutual echo to light within the whole, and the ring around the distribution of cases to have a similar size and shape of the products are almost the same display case.

Emphasizing the channel constructed by the display cabinet.

In addition to the display area and other work areas, a storefront is almost always a customer - flow area, and the setting of man-flow area can be complicated or simple. Complex, the average person - flow area to consider commodity experience habit - flow relationship with people, want to consider one convenient - flow area at the same time conscious will lead to the main consumer recommended area, want to consider the flexibility of channel people - flow and so on; Simply put, the channel man-stream has to make it easy for the customer to buy what you want, and even more, to buy what you want him/her to buy. So between shelves built into the best channel flexibility is stronger, whatever the arrangement of the shelves, vertical, 45 degrees or 90 degrees, the free circulation type and so on whether should be from the content of the management to consider the change in the flexible, this also means that under the general using combined the better, of course for some small stores and small supermarket, fixed layout can also be considered.