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How can companies use display props to enhance their brand image?

Sep 15, 2018

We all know that in modern business activities, consumer goods companies are paying more and more attention to channel terminals, and the display of props (display stands, display cabinets, showcases, booths, Nakajima, etc.) of the channel terminals on the image, taste and brand culture of a certain product. It plays a very important role. So, how can we use display props to improve product taste and achieve high-value sales returns?

        To answer this question, you must first understand what the display props are. The previous article "What is a display prop" says: "Display props: As the name implies, the props used to display something or theme are the tools and elements of the display. Show the background, stage, and foil of things and themes; it can be said that if the theme is flowers, the display props are green leaves; if the theme is a painting, the display props are decoration, drawing axes, picture frames...; The theme is beauty, then the display props are clothing, jewelry... Any designer's design ideas, the artistic conception to be expressed, need to display props to achieve and achieve." Solved the problem of display props. Then, his role, to be straightforward, is to scale, beautify, and enhance the props of the displayed items. In fact, many consumer goods are indeed relying on display props and other related advertising methods to increase the value of products. The value of display props is also higher than the value of products. Many consumer goods companies invest more in display props than in the products themselves. .

        In the final analysis, the display props should be designed according to the concept and cultural connotation expressed by the product, in order to achieve the purpose of improving the product taste. When designing the props, we must also remember that the props are only carriers, green leaves, auxiliary, packaging, not The protagonist, he is going to make a wedding dress for the product, so don't really make a "buy and return" in the design, it is inconsistent with our purpose. Of course, there are also props that are products, and products are also the high-selling sales model of props for each other (Ikea is typical in this respect), which may be the biggest trend in the future sales model.

        The design of display props should conform to the psychological feelings of the consumer groups. Different consumer groups have different characteristics in purchasing psychology and purchasing behavior. For example, women's desire to purchase is influenced by the intuitive feeling and the purchasing environment. It emphasizes that “beauty” is susceptible to perceptual action and generates purchasing behavior. Therefore, after the display props are designed with this in mind, the terminal sales of the products will become easier.

        In the construction of marketing network, product terminal display props display is the most important, the location of the product display, the style determines your sales to a large extent. And comprehensive use of effective VI, sound, light, electricity, propaganda posters, dynamic display props, stimulate consumer psychology, active terminal atmosphere, create on-site purchase opportunities, increase product benefits, persuasiveness and authenticity.