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Don't be petty

Mar 22, 2018

 The quality of the structure design directly affects the quality of the display rack produced. Cardboard is not like wood, proofing is what it looks like what is produced, cardboard display stands proofing is the time the paper has been mounted flatten, proofing the general effect is very good. Many customers feel good when they receive a sample, but usually some manufacturers produce pay is rubbish, not only failed to reach the store displays due to the effect but the impact on the company's image. In fact, the design of POP display structure must be considered must consider the deformation of the production process, there depends on the attitude of the factory owner, because the quality of materials directly affect the size of the deformation with the shelf load. Now a lot of quotations with this material, production on the steal material, think of ways to reduce costs make a little more, in the end more harm than good. So advise the price of major customers is definitely not your order to whom the standard must be eye-catching fire Qing.