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How do you choose a good paper display stand?

Apr 26, 2018

Note 1:

We can observe the pattern on the paper display stand, whether there are any missing or hidden patterns or flaws, such as chromatic aberrations, cracks or blackspots, are problematic.


Note 2:

Compared the paper display stand sample with the printed bulk paper display stand , the paper surface feels more bumpy and the paper is thin.. The appearance of the surface is very visible, and it is not good enough, give people a very weak and soft feeling. There is a kind of just produced, the glue of  mounts is not completely dry thoroughly.


Note 3:

Some customers found that the paper display stand began to fade and a block of color fall down. in the supermarket less than a week. Actually, this is because the printing work is not done well, the surface treatment is not good enough, especially in the UV light oil treatment.

So please consult the manufacturer the detailed point, when you understand the production process


Note 4:

When choose cardboard display , please find a formal manufacturer which can make design and produce.it is necessary to go to the factory to see the actual situation, the factory generally has samples for reference to check the quality.