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X Banner Size 80 X 180 Cm

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Product Details



   Iron and fibreglass pole


  60*160cm/ 80*180cm/ 120*200cm


  1.4kg/ 1.8kg/ 2.5kg

Packing Details



1. Anodized silver
2. Single sided type
3. This type of L banner is made of aluminum, can be set up instantly for trade show, local fairs, promotions, conferences and so on.
4. The graphic changeover can be done in seconds
5. Clip top rail
6. with a basic nylon carrying bag.


* What material is your Backpack banner made out of?

Our Backpack banners are made from a durable 4 oz. polyester material, which is lightweight and flexible. Unlike our 13 oz.vinyl that we offer in our standard vinyl banners, the 4 oz. material is perfect for banners because of its lightweight properties. Polyester has a plastic-like feel to it, but is flexible and foldable.

* Does the material of the poles differ depending on the size of the Backpack banner I order?

The material of the flagpole does not vary with size. All sizes use an aluminum flagpole with a small, more flexible portion of fiberglass.

* What is the lifespan of your Backpack banner?

The lifespan of our Rectangle banner depends on how well you care for it and day to day usage. Typically, when properly cared for, the banner will last 2+ years. Overexposure to the sun or harsh weather, like high winds and heat, will diminish the lifespan of the banner. This is detailed more in the question below.

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