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Strong Beverage Recycled Cardboard Displays

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Product Details

Paper shelf industry:

Toys, electronic products, food, beverage, clothing, stationery and sports goods, it products, daily necessities, cosmetics

Products, automotive supplies, music, books and other industries.

Advantages of paper shelf:

1. The promotion display has a strong advertising value. The paper display stand is easy to print, with unlimited pictures and rich and colorful printing contents.

2. Low cost. The price of paper stands is far lower than that of plexiglass, metal and wood stands.

3. Convenience: the paper shelf can be flat packed, small in size, light in weight, detachable and folded, and can also be shipped in three dimensions.

4. Environmental protection can be recycled, with high cost performance.

Ordering instructions:

1. About design: our factory has a professional design team, which can customize samples or provide ideas, product dimensions and

Placement requirements, our factory free design.

2. Material: our factory chooses special material for paper goods, which is high load-bearing and resistant to damage. High quality grey board mounted with high-strength corrugated,

Recyclable, low carbon and environmental protection.

3. About price: this price is the reference price. The actual price needs to be based on product size, production process, printing and painting

Accurate accounting of surface and demand quantity. Welcome to contact the customer for inquiry.

4. About proofing: the proofing time is within 3 days when the structure and picture are determined, and the proofing cost will be returned when the bulk goods.

5. About quantity: customized products, the quantity depends on the needs of customers.

6. About big goods: before big goods, our factory will send samples to customers for confirmation. Production cycle: 12 samples before and after determination

Working day.

7. About Printing: the printing content is provided by the customer, or we can send the mapping document to the customer. Because of the display,

About 10% color difference is allowed due to machine and debugging. It is CMYK normally. If the customer needs spot color printing, please let me know


8. Payment for goods: 30% of the payment for goods shall be paid in advance when placing an order, because the products are customized products, they cannot be sold for the second time. For customers

The company's strategy changes without the need for products, and the loss of our factory is great. Please understand and support.

9. About return: all products produced by our factory are customized. And reproduction after prior confirmation. Once production is

If you can't return the goods, please understand.

Quality assurance

All the exhibition stands of deca are made of high-grade surface paper and high-density corrugated paper by laminating and bonding

Very good; all printing inks are imported environmental friendly inks with clear layers and high color reduction.

We use the software to design the cutting edge line and make the high-precision die plate. Each stand will follow the die 1

One cutting ensures accurate cutting and seamless connection between edges and corners.

In order to enable the assembly personnel to assemble more quickly, we will provide each paper display rack with assembly instructions, or assembly

Video, clear.