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Acrylic Model Display Case

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Product Details


item Name

OEM custom clear acrylic plexiglass model toy car display case / box




Transparent or Customized


L28*W28*H28cm or Customized


3mm,4mm or Customized


Square or Customized


silk-screen printing, laser engraving, sticker


Customer provide or designed by us

High transparency 

Up to 93%

High hardness



Cosmetic Store/Retail Store/Shopping mall

Main crafts

Laser cutting, diamond polishing, heat bending, glue joint



Supply ability:

1000 pcs/day

All of our designs can be customized as your requirements

About Delivery

The purchase time is subject to the buyer's payment time. Under normal circumstances, we will arrange to send out the order before 17 o'clock every day. In case of special circumstances, we will contact the buyer in time, and relatives can also consult customer service when purchasing.

Chromatic aberration problem

All pictures of the products are taken in kind, but due to factors such as shooting technology, light, display parameters, etc., there will be differences between the received color of the real object and the photos, please refer to the real object.

After-sale service

If you encounter problems in receiving, installation and use, please contact us at any time, and we can provide professional guidance at any time. If you find any quality problems (non-human behavior, no use) after receiving the goods, you need to return and exchange the goods. Upon confirmation, we will unconditionally accept the return and exchange goods and be responsible for the relevant expenses.

About the qualified rate

We provide our customers with high cost-effective toys, not expensive crafts. Customers seeking perfection please do not buy our products. What we do is wholesale, not retail. We can only guarantee 98% qualified rate and 2% quality problems belong to the scope of exemption. Because the wholesale profit is too low and the freight is too high, if there are some defective products or a small amount of damaged goods in transportation, they can be returned together to you for replacement and delivery. Long term cooperation pays attention to trust.

return policy

If there is no quality problem with the product, we generally do not accept the return. However, from the perspective of customers' interests, on the basis of friendly negotiation between customers and our customer service, and compromise between both parties, we will refund the goods without quality problems and without affecting the secondary sales to customers at a 70% discount of the original price after receiving the goods and counting. If you can't accept this clause, please don't buy me Products.

Freight description

The freight calculated automatically by the system is express freight, which is charged by region and weight (because most of our products are books and wooden toys, which are very heavy, so the freight will be slightly higher, but it is the actual cost price freight, so we don't need to worry about our extra Collection). Express delivery is designated by our store, and customers are not allowed to forcibly designate express delivery. We will choose the right express delivery according to the comprehensive consideration of price and speed. Please contact customer service to get rid of the freight in case of large amount of logistics. The logistics freight is paid on arrival. The buyer needs to pick up the goods in the local logistics. The price of the logistics freight on arrival is the same as the price of cash payment. It is recommended to pay on arrival. The specific freight is subject to the buyer's payment on arrival. The logistics freight quoted by our customer service staff is estimated based on experience and is only for reference. The freight is subject to the actual logistics charge. If the value of goods is more than 500 yuan, logistics can be carried out. Logistics freight is more cost-effective when the delivery volume is larger. The buyer who has never sent the logistics can consult the customer service for specific matters. The logistics consignment generally needs to be self provided and the freight is paid on arrival.

Please read the above rules carefully. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service. However, if you pay for our goods, it means that you have accepted the above rules. If there is a trade dispute in the future, it will be used as the evidence to resolve the dispute.