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Cell Phone Display

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Product Details


Material Customized 
Size/Dimension Customized
Surface Treatment Gloss/matt Lamination or varnish,UV coating
Package Flat packaging or pre-filled packaging as per your request


Q: How can I get an exact price? 
A: Please offer below informations to ask for an exact price.
    1.Style, Shape & Size
    3.Printing requirements
    4.Mode of transportation


Q:Can you help me to do the display/packaging design?
A: Of course,please advise the sizes of your product/packaging and how many product per display. Weight of product is also necessary, to help us decide if need to reinforce the display or not. Kindvast will make the 3D drawing to explain the structure clearer. But it will be not available so fast, I will get back to you when I have it asap.

Q:Can you help to make the graphics design?
A:Generally, Kindvast can only make the very simple design, such as only put the logo on the header. We cannot help to do the complicated design at this stage. We suggest you to create your graphics by your designer

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